Who or what is the EuroMedi?

Medical health professionals such as for example general practitioners, medical specialists, therapists, health counselors, alternative practitioners, etc. are classified in the EuroMedi according to their specialist fields. The EuroMedi allows you to select and to contact medical health professionals from all over Europe who are present on the net either with their own website or owing to their presence on our EuroMedi.

What's the use of EuroMedi?

The EuroMedi is a highly specialized search engine targeted exclusively at the medical health sector and placing by this reassuring limits to the confusing complexity of the World Wide Web. Only European medical health professionals are listed in the EuroMedi so that you can search for medical support either precisely in the area where you are at home or in European countries which you are interested in – be it as a patient or as a practitioner. The EuroMedi will help your future patients to find you in the expanses of the World Wide Web and – what's more - specifically in Europe.

Who is the publisher of the EuroMedi?

EuroMedi, the european medical directory, is published by DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH at the media metropolis Hamburg. DAD GmbH is a company which employs a team of businessmen, programmers, graphic designers, data experts and computer artists to collect and evaluate data and to make it available to you on the Internet using the latest technology.

Why should I have an entry in the EuroMedi?

The answer is simple: this platform allows you not only to be present on the World Wide Web but it makes you visible and allows you to present your medical practice to a far wider audience than only the regional one. You’ll be found in the EuroMedi namely by patients or other medical practitioners who are specifically looking for information in European countries, but naturally also in their neighborhood.

Are there any costs involved?

If you only want to enter your basic data (name, town/city, medical speciality and Internet address) this entry is going to be free. Just send us your entry details – and you’ll be listed! Costs are only involved, if you place an order for a graphically highlighted and well placed entry.

How can I get a graphically highlighted entry in the EuroMedi?

If you wish to use the EuroMedi the european medical directory as a multiplier for your success, place a payable order for a graphically highlighted entry! For further information about the options, conditions and costs please write an e-mail to.....